MiramaxMiramax has made the festival favorite Tsotsi its second aquisition under new president Daniel Battsek. The film tells the story of a South African Tsotsi (or gangster) who battles with his conscience after stealing a car that has a baby in the backseat. Miramax had been tailing this film ever since it picked up a couple of awards in Edinburgh, including an Audience Award. The battle for Tsotsi became greater after pic took home the People's Choice Award in Toronto with Miramax winning the much sought after North American rights. Some are comparing Tsotsi to the Oscar-nominated City of God, which was released by the old Miramax.

Speaking of old versus new, I'm wondering in which direction this version of Miramax will head; so far we have a sports doc and a foreign-language film. Are they playing it safe or taking risks? After Disney all but blamed their specialty division for causing a multi-million dollar loss in profits, where do they go from here? As far as Tsotsi is concerned, even though the film has been submitted by South Africa to represent their country in the foreign-language category at the Oscars, Miramax has not announced whether they will release the film this year to qualify for other awards or if they'll wait till 2006.
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