spikeDoes JossWhedon sleep? I mean, the guy has more irons in the fire than anyone on earth (well, except for Steve Carell). He's in the middle of promoting Serenity, hoping to make sequels, figuring out where Wonder Woman came from, and directing Goner - where the hell is he finding all this time and brain power? Apparently, however, he's finally jammed everything he can handle into his life:  word is that someone else will be running the Spike movie. That's right, a Spike movie. Well, at least if former Spike companion Amy Acker is to be believed. She told E! that during a recent conversation with Whedon himself, the Buffy creator sorta confirmed that Tom Minear(who wrote for Angel and Firefly) will write and direct the film, and that the film will focus on Spike and her Angel character, Illyria.

While it's not a press release or anything, this info nevertheless seems to lend a bit more legitimacy to the endless rumors about the project. That said, though, I need confirmation that James Marsters is offically on board before I let myself get excited.
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