Before Hurricane Katrina hit, Dennis Quaid had been planning to shoot his directorial debut – a musical called Shame on You, starring Katie Holmes – in New Orleans. Whilst production has (obviously) been delayed, Quaid is still trying his damnedest to bring Shame to the now-devastated city. Quaid has apparently been working closely with New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass on relief efforts, in what appears to be if not a purely benevolent, than a somewhat innocuous attempt to grease his production's path back into the city. Last week Quaid was quoted as asking Compass, "Can we get in here by January 1st? If there's any way we can do it here, I want to do it here. This is the place that really needs it." But here's the catch: Compass is not a man easily bought. The Superintendent wants a role in the musical. "Get me in there, brother," he reportedly begged Quaid. "Even if it's as an extra."
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