Thelma SchoonmakerFor those of you unfamiliar with her name, Thelma Schoonmaker is a film editor who has worked almost exclusively with Martin Scorsese since 1980, when they first collaborated on a little pictured called Raging Bull. Schoonmaker won the Oscar for her work on that film, and was honored by the Academy again in 2004 for The Aviator. She also was the wife of legendary British director and Scorsese muse Michael Powell, to whom Marty himself introduced her. The interview linked below is a great read and includes frank discussion about Scorsese (they never argue), Powell, and Schoonmaker's life in film. Frankly, she sounds like an amazing lady - smart, talented, and confident enough to be modest.

A little tidbit from the interview that surprised me was that neither Schoonmaker nor Scorsese have seen Infernal Affairs, the Hong Kong film upon which The Departed is based. According to Schoonmaker, Scorsese read the script not knowing that another film was the source and fell in love with it; neither wants to see the original until The Departed is done in order to avoid being influenced by it. I'm not sure how I feel about this - while I wasn't as wild about Infernal Affairs as a lot of people, it nevertheless is an accomplished piece of Hong Kong action that happens to star a trio of prettygreatactors. I can't decide if they're being disrespected by Marty's decision, or if what he's doing is totally reasonable. Anyone have more coherent thoughts on this?