ABBAWho even knew there was such a thing? I guess ABBA fans did, and they've been waiting for years in pained silence, hoping it would show up on DVD. Finally, the wait is over:  thanks to the lovely people at Universal Music, come October even Americans can own their very own copy of the elusive ABBA - The Movie.

Before you mock, I would like to share some surprising - nay, shocking - information with you:  ABBA - The Movie was directed by Lasse Hallstrom, who also directed all but two of their videos. Uh huh. What do you think of that, people who giggle at the idea of an ABBA movie? I bet you liked What's Eating Gilbert Grape, didn't you? That's what I thought. When he was just starting out back in Sweden, Lasse hooked up with ABBA, and they dragged one another straight to the top. Get this:  ABBA was #1 on the singles charts in Australia for 42 weeks between October 1977 and March 1977. Can you imagine being in Australia during those 18 months?! The mind boggles.

The movie documents the frenzy surrounding the band with a combination of "rare"concert footage and the story of a fictional DJ who is trying to get an interview with them, and recently underwent a careful restoration, thanks to a GRANT FROM THE SWEDISH PARLIAMENT. They are not messing around here, people. The DVD will come in two editions, the basic single disc option and a limited edition two disc set, featuring new interviews with Hallstrom and members of the band.
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