• colinfarrell.jpgColin Farrell and Edward Norton are signing on to star in New Line's Pride and Glory, "a generational drama about a family of police officers in New York torn apart by a corruption scandal." Joe Carnahan wrote the script with Gavin O'Connor, who will direct. Norton plays the good-guy detective assigned to investigate hhis older brother; Farrell plays his buddy, who might know a thing or two about corruption himself.
  • Columbia has signed Catherine Hardwicke to direct an adaptation of Edward Abbey's The Monkey Wrench Gang. William Goldman is distilling to story of anarcho-environmentalism into screenplay form.
  • Andrea King has sold a romantic comedy to Revolution called Ex-Factor. In proper screwball tradition, it involves a divorced couple brought together by the newspaper game. King is also in rewrites on a script designed as a romantic vehicle for Robert Redford and Meryl Streep.
  • David Cronenberg denies having any sort of political or moral agenda with his new film, A History of Violence. "A movie is like a conversation I have with myself," he said at the film's premiere last week, "and then I ask the audience to have their own version of the same conversation."
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