Seann William ScottI'll pause here for a moment so that you can say a prayer of thanks, run around screaming "YAYYAYYAY!" or wake up your significant others with the news. Everybody done?

No matter what Jessica Simpsonwants, both Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott are against the idea of a Dukes of Hazzard sequel. Hooray for them! Scott in particular shows signs of creeping intelligence in his clear-eyed assessment of the original movie:  "They could have had they made a more conscious effort to make it funny throughout the whole film instead of just 20 minutes of funny and then a bunch of cool car stuff." Go Seann! Some producer somewhere is tearing up the paper in impotent fury, but the man speaks the truth. Furthermore, Scott's pretty sure a sequel would be ill-advised. Though he's aware that the movie did, somehow, make a pile of money, he told Moviehole:  "I don't think we'll do a sequel for it. The reviews are so bad." Man. Is it too late to make this guy SAG head?
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