Freaks and GeeksI'm a long-time (relatively speaking) devotee of Judd Apatow. Freaks and Geeks was one of the most amazing, cringe-worthy TV shows I've ever seen, and though watered down, Undeclared was suffused with much of the same painfully real magic. Then came The 40 Year-Old Virgin, and the whole universe officially came around to his brand of genius. Judd is now, officially, (co-)King of the World (with Steve Carell).

When you're King of the World, you get asked to do things that are usually reserved only for people about whom the public gives a toss. Like, for example, to keep a week-long public diary at Slate. Apatow, who is currently in North Carolina producing High, Wide, and Handsome, a NASCAR comedy from the same team who made Anchorman, said yes, and is in the second day of recording his thoughts for the world to see. So far? Well, his daughter went all Emily Rose in the mall, he worked out and was angry about it, and he's posted a picture of himself "looking fat." I love reading this because it makes me realize that even people with real, important jobs have lives that are as boring as mine. What further excitement could the week ahead possibly hold?

[via Defamer]
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