Sock Puppet ShowgirlsAs I'm sure everyone is well aware, Showgirls turns 10 this year. For those of you who have watched the DVD so many times that you need a new way to celebrate the film, I think I've found just the thing:  Sock Puppet Showgirls! Yes, the show is just what it sounds like:  Paul Verhoeven's epic masterpiece presented by anatomically correct sock puppets. [Insert snide comment comparing Elizabeth Berkley's acting skills to those of a piece of cotton here.] Why did no one think of this before? It's brilliant!

Conceived in Chicago in 2002, the show has been revised and updated (!), and is returning to New York for two weeks next month. For those of you trying to imagine how puppets with nothing but torso can be anatomically correct, the trailer is here. Earmuffs, kids.

[Via Queerty, from whom I shamelessly stole the headline as well.]
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