Pierce BronsonNow it's Pierce Brosnan (I always want to type "Bronson." He would give Bond a totally new dimension.) who's muttering under his breath about the casting drama. The ex-Bond, using his special deductive spy-skills, thinks the lack of a lead for Casino Royale is just a publicity ploy. Since we've posted roughly 2,943 times about it, he may have a point.

According to Brosnan, Sony have actually asked him to come back, but the pesky producers keep are resisting. At least one problem, obviously, is the big "He's going to be young!" announcement, which would be sort of torpedoed by casting a guy who their target audience would probably describe as "Really, really old." Honestly, at this point does anyone really care any more? Cast Pierce, cast Daniel Craig. Cast a piece of wood, for the love of God - just set us free!
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