Tupac ShakurI see Tupac Shakur's name so much on a daily basis that I often think the guy is still alive. Since his death in 1996, one of the more outspoken rappers of his time has released albums, music videos and movies. Now, proving the world is not yet ready to forget the prolific artist, Insomnia Media Group has gone and acquired the only script he ever wrote. That's right folks - he writes scripts too! Then again, who doesn't? Live 2 Tell tells the story of a teen from the projects who becomes a drug kingpin, then decides to turn his life around and run for President. Okay, so that last part isn't true, but a boy can dream right? Towards the end of his life, Tupac (or 2Pac for those in the know) became one of the first rappers to turn actor and be successful at it. He appeared in films like Juice, Poetic Justice and Above The Rim to name a few. Although he originally wrote the script as a vehicle for himself, I'm sure there are plenty of young actors who would love to take on this role and help resurrect Tupac through his words - if they're not re-written first.
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