Whenever the Germans need to come up with a word for something, they just string together a bunch of existing words that precisely describe the concept they are trying to convey. For example, the ominous sounding "Hochleistungspapierhandtuchfalzmaschine" is merely a way of saying "highly efficient machine for folding paper towels". If we English-speakers talked like that, however, not only would we sound like The Coneheads all the time, but we would also spend most of our time catching our breath and reading advertising. Imagine all billboards having to be ten stories high, just to accommodate an otherwise simple message about "Amazingly Small Portable Devices That Allow You To Go Anywhere And Still Communicate With Others Half A World Away Without Wires". Hour-long TV shows would have to dedicate 45 minutes to commercials hawking products, like "Libidinous Candid Footage Of Women Whose Careless Monitoring Of Their Own Alcohol Consumption Led To A Shedding Of Clothing, Inhibitions And The Signing Of A Consent Form Legally Allowing Us To Show Their Drunken Debauchery To You: Part The Seventh".