Love is hard - why not let animated dead people help you out with it? I don't have any idea how the compatibility calculator on the French promotional site for The Corpse Bride works – but it really does work. I tested it out by inputting the names of three current and former love interests. Bachelor #1 and I dated for three months before getting tired of one another; not only does the Corpse Bride calculator give me and him a 13% chance of making it work, but just the very pairing of our names causes the whole page to frost over into an icicle motif (Glacial!). Bachelor #2 and I were madly in love – until he dumped me. Corpse Bride gives us a 75% ... which sounds about right. And then there's the matter of Cinematical's Official Celebrity Boyfriend, Clive Owen: Corpse Bride gives me and him an 89% on the compatibility meter. Not only that, but our pairing causes Victor and Corpse Bride to grow devil tails that merge to form one heart; our love produces a backdrop of digital flames. It's absolutely dead on: the perfect romance is one that'll never happen - my ideal man is someone that I'm never going to meet.

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