Al PacinoWith a prequel to the 1993 Al Pacino film Carlito's Way heading straight for DVD, USA Today takes a look at a growing number of low-budget sequels that choose to skip the costly theatrical release in an attempt to cash in on a $24 billion (per year) business. Carlito's Way: Rise To Power, with a budget of only $9 million ($30 million for original), hopes to find its way into the arms of the same people who spent over $100 million for a special-edition version of Scarface; another gangster-type flick. Craig Kornblau and his peeps over at Universal Studios Home Entertainment are distributing Rise To Power, and he feels that success can definitely be found since the "quality is higher, and the films we are choosing are ones that really found their audience in a massive way through DVD." Halfway through the article, I'm kinda thinking he has a point, but then I look to the left and spot a list of future direct-to-video sequels. Now that the nausea has somewhat subsided, how about we go through them together? On October 25th we have Single White Female 2: The Psycho starring Brooke Burns (not Burke) and Kristen Miller. Yeah, I don't know who they are either. And what's with the title? The Psycho? As if the lying, cheating, stealing and killing wasn't bad enough - this time she's really freaking nuts.