Tom CruiseAs sad as I am to report it, this is not a joke. Starting October 15, Dr. Tom Cruise will present a series of four mental health lectures at Scientology's Celebrity Centre International in LA. (Why the British spelling of "Centre"? Was L. Ron Hubbard a Brit? Is British English the official language of that Scientology alien?) While the hard-to-get tickets will be conveniently available only to Scientologists and "select members of the press," the rest of us can experience the talks LIVE! via the internet. Oh, and there'll also be a feed available to broadcast stations, in case anyone wants to share Tom's wise words with their stupid, uneducated audiences. Personally, I'm particularly curious about lecture #2, "Handling Sexual Dis-Orientation: Out of the Closet and Into the Auditing Room." Audit like tax audit? If you're gay, the IRS is going to come after you? And what's with the "dis-orientation"? Does Scientology not believe in homosexuality?

Honestly, this whole thing is sort of mind-blowing. It almost seems like someone has something incredibly huge on Cruise, and is blackmailing him into doing this. That's somehow much more palatable to me than accepting that anyone would willingly do this sort of thing.

Update: This might (thank the Lord) be a hoax. According to Towleroad, Cruise's lawyer (listed as the contact on the press release) says this whole thing is just "someone trying to make trouble."

[via A Socialite's Life]
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