JawsSee, this is why Al Gore invented the internet. Not for silly stuff like military communication and governmental organization. Oh no. Instead, it was created entirely so that weird geniuses could share their work with the rest of us. Instead of having to seek out and buy photocopied zines full of drawings recreating movies with bunnies in starring roles, now we can just sit and click around, giggling quietly to ourselves.

Actually, it's more like guffawing this morning. I'm sure I'm more likely to find anything Jaws related funny because I love the movie so much, but the specific cartoon linked below - Jaws in 30 seconds with bunnies - is fantastic. Not only does it actually reproduce camera angles from the movie, but the Richard Dreyfuss voice is so perfect that I nearly swallowed my tongue. Plus, the shark has bunny ears.

Tons of non-Jaws flicks also recieve the bunny treatment, from Pulp FictiontoHighlander. Come on. Click! Really, who needs to work this morning?
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