Dreamworks film MadagascarForget it, NBC: Dreamworks has cut off negotiations for a potential $1 billion deal. David Geffen, one of the founders of Dreamworks along with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, said that NBC/Universal cut its offer price unacceptably at the last minute. The acquisition deal would have been only for the live-action portion of Dreamworks, which recently produced the clunker The Island, and did not include the more successful animation studio and library. Will Dreamworks open negotiations with anyone else? Rumors vary. But Geffen intimated that Spielberg hasn't been eager to sell the studio, preferring to retain independence in his filmmaking endeavors. Gotta get cracking on Old School 2, I suppose. On the other hand, Dreamworks is distributing critical favorite Match Point later this year, so perhaps things will look up.
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