Jon HederAmong the six upcoming projects for the no-longer-dorky Jon Heder is School for Scoundrels, in which he'll play "a down-on-his-luck meter maid...who enrolls in a confidence-building class in order to woo the girl of his dreams." Of course he will. (Who came up with that phrase? And will the success of this film inevitably lead to one about a "meter maid at the top of his profession"?) Already cast to costar are Billy Bob Thornton, who will play the teacher of the class (who, it turns out, is after Heder's lady. Oooh. And the plot thickens!), and Real World: London's Jacinda Barrett as the object of their affections. Currently in negotiations to join the cast as a very big man is Michael Clarke Duncan, for whom the role wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

The film will be directed by Todd Philips, who co-wrote the script with Scot Armstrong. While the fact that Philips also co-wrote and directed Old School makes me happy about the possibilities for this one, he and Armstrong collaborated on Road Trip. Oh dear. Perhaps the mere presence of the word "School" will be enough for Philips to recapture the magic.
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