Where did George Clooney come from? And, considering the myriad ways in which he's made moviegoing immeasurably more pleasureable over the past few years, whatever did we do to deserve such a gift?

I've been mulling this over, the past month or so, as one after another people whose judgement on these things I generally respect have ordered me to keep an eye out for his second film, Good Night, and Good Luck. Look at the guy's resume: a devastatingly handsome former TV actor, who got his start playing boyfriend roles on two significant girl-power sitcoms (Facts of Life and Roseanne), Clooney somehow not only made a successful transition to films, but his very star image has almost single-handedly redefined popular masculinity. There may come a day when gender studies looks to Clooney as a landmark figure, a kind of latter-day Hugh Hefner, except without the same kind of chauvinist toxicity. Has anyone else in the past thirty years done as much to repair the damage done by militant feminism to the cool quotient of the casually macho, 45 year-old straight white male?

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