Isabella Rossellini in Blue VelvetI've seen the film Blue Velvet several times and I've read several analyses of the film, focusing on David Lynch's directorial style, the symbolism of the ear, Lynch's view of women, and so forth. However, this is something new to me: a frame-by-frame analysis of the movie. Nicholas Rombes, an associate professor of English at the University of Detroit, intends to document this detailed study of the film on his blog called (nonsurprisingly) Frame by Frame. So far he's only reached the thirty-first of an estimated 172,800 frames of the film. His introduction to the project explains that he hopes to "discover something about the transformation of criticism or theory in the interface of the computer screen."

I'd like to visit this site again sometime around frame 2,000 or later to see if the author is still pursuing his project and what his insights might be. However, I'm finding it difficult to take seriously the commentary on 30 frames that do not look like anything but a badly calibrated blue screen. This might explain why I didn't do well in film theory classes. I still can't hear the term "semiotics" without cringing.

[via Wiley Wiggins]
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