Perhaps Love from Hong KongThe deadline for countries to submit their picks for the foreign-language Academy Award is October 3, and the selections are rolling in. The latest is from Hong Kong: Perhaps Love, a splashy Chinese-language musical. The film was selected over other promising Hong Kong features such as The Myth (which stars Jackie Chan) and Everlasting Regret.

Palestine has selected Paradise Now, a feature about suicide bombers, which Cinematical reviewed at the New York Film Festival; the movie will be released in the U.S. on October 28. Mexico submitted To the Other Side, which entwines three stories about immigration.

Meanwhile, reports selections from a number of European countries, including A Long Winter Without Fire from Switzerland, Adam's Apples from Denmark, and Brides from Greece. The site maintains a running tally of Oscar submissions from Europe here.

I haven't seen any of the above-mentioned films yet. I'm not allergic to subtitles; these films haven't been available in Austin. Many foreign-language films don't get wide distribution unless they are Oscar finalists or winners ... or Morgan Freeman-narrated tales about hardy penguins. Too bad. I look forward to seeing some of these films sometime in 2006.
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