Superman Returns poster[Thanks to reader Brian for pointing out that these figures, while outrageous in any currency, are probably in Australian dollars, one of which is worth about 70 US cents.]

Superman Returns
, the movie that has even non-fanboys salivating, is on pace to become the most expensive movie ever made. Remember the (quite reasonable) fuss when Titanic cost $250 million? Well, that's just a penny out of the pocket in today's high rollin' movie world. While Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire director Mike Newell apparently thinks he's making "the most expensive movie ever made" ($305 million, reportedly), the cost of Superman Returns in now in excess of $320 million. Have mercy. I'm surprised Bryan Singer hasn't had a nervous breakdown - not to stress you out or anything, Bry, but if your movie tanks, everyone at Warner Brothers is going to be laid off and have to sell their homes. Have a great day!

This is the point, I think, at which we all stand up and say "STOP THE MADNESS!" Those amounts are greater than that GDPs of some small countries. Seriously. But we do love our cool blue screen effects, don't we?

[via /film]
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