The perpetually employed cyclone known as Joss Whedon has captivated genre TV fans with two long-running hit series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) and its spin-off, Angel (1999-2004). Now, with his first feature, Serenity, he is calling attention to not only the tragedy that was Fox's too-soon cancellation of his third series, 2002's space cowboys bonanza Firefly, but also his consummate skill as a Man Of Many Hats.

A serialized space opera set 500 years in the future aboard a Millennium Falcon-like frigate crewed by cranky cast-offs, the series held incredible promise and potential. However, as networks often do with such ideas (see also: Freaks and Geeks), Fox pulled the plug after just 11 episodes (10 plus one double which was released theatrically in Europe), leaving 3 unaired. However, fear not, you brooding, alienated mopers and starry-eyed wonderers looking for something to believe in, because for the most part, Whedon's streamlined movie version rocks.