BatmanThe much-anticipated sequel to Batman Begins will be called - check it out - Batman To The Extreme? Wait, but Moviehole claims the new title will be Batman Reloaded. Okay, so all jokering aside, according to, an anonymous "insider" scoops that the title may either be Batman Strikes or Batman Attacks. Although I'm not so crazy about any of these (I'd prefer Batman Continues To Kick Ass), they seem to get the point across in the same kind of simple way Batman Begins did. Christopher Nolan has not signed on yet to direct the sequel, though he's expected to jump on board shortly considering he and David Goyer have had the entire story planned out before the last Batman even began filming. So far all we know is that Paul Bettany and Lachy Hulme are the so-called frontrunners to play Joker and Liev Schrieber may or may not illuminate in the role of D.A Harvey Dent.
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