The Greatest Game Ever Played

Growing up I used to fancy myself a pretty decent stickball player. Stickball is like baseball, only instead of a bat you use a stick because, well, a bat costs money and sticks are free if you know where to look. Instead of a field, stickball is usually played in a schoolyard or, if people already occupy the yard, you can play in the street against oncoming traffic - like we did. I'd like to think the last stickball game I ever played was memorable in a good way but, alas, it wasn't. With two outs and the sun about to disappear, I was up at bat with a chance to win the game. One strike. Two strikes. As the next pitch was thrown (by a kid two years younger then me), I concentrated so hard that I not only missed the ball completely, but the damn stick flew from my hands and knocked out my best friend's dad who was washing his car nearby. Sigh. Why did I have to be the competitive one in the family? Welcome to this week's Trailer Park:
  • Bill Paxton tees off as director to bring us the true story behind golf's most unknown and unexpected hero, Francis Quimet; who, with the odds nowhere near him, somehow defeated his idol during the 1913 U.S. Open in, what may be, The Greatest Game Ever Played.
  • Tis' the season for underdog stories as Glory Road takes us back to the 1966 NCAA Tournament in which the first all African American starting lineup in college basketball history helped Texas Western shock the country and forever change the sport.
  • Since being branded a loser and a bad athlete, Johnny Knoxville fakes his way into the special olympics in order to finally win at something. However, when it's discovered he's a fraud, this Jackass will have to decide whether not to quit and go home, or team up with the people he was trying to deceive, as The Ringer, in order to defeat a common enemy.
  • I still cannot believe Woody Allen has finally left New York with his new film Match Point and, from how well it was received at Cannes, this little trip to London may actually rejuvenate the aging writer/director's career. Hey, and Scarlett Johansson makes out with a tennis player. So that's cool, right?
  • Steve Martin returns in another "overwhelmed dad" sequel in which his large family will have to compete, while on vacation, against what seems like a bigger and better family led by Eugene Levy in Cheaper By The Dozen 2.