Million Dollar Baby; SwankIt turns out that the screener DVD companies send out to promote their movies at awards time are copyright protected. It's not that you can't copy them, necessarily, it's just that each screener is distinctively "watermarked" in a way that fingers the exact person to whom to disc was sent. So if you do copy one, tech savvy-types will know who did it.

This is something that SAG member Ronald Redding probably wishes he had known when he let someone "borrow" his SAG Awards screener of Million Dollar Baby, because when the movie showed up on the internet, it was screaming his name. His guilty plea could cost him as much as $100,000 and six months in prison. What with Warner Brother's also lining up their own $150,000 lawsuit, Redding probably needs work more than ever right now, but he's pissed off the wrong industry with this one. Note to self: don't get caught selling out the people who sign your checks.