Stephen KingI was intrigued to learn about "dollar baby" films a couple of years ago on Joe Bob Briggs' site. Now I've learned that an entire film festival is devoted to dollar babies. A dollar baby is a movie adapted from a Stephen King short story, for which he sold the film rights to independent filmmakers for a dollar. I had no idea there were so many dollar babies in the world: many are short films, but a few are solid low-budget features.

The Dollar Baby Film Festival kicked off on Friday with a gala premiere in Bangor of two of the higher-budget films, relatively speaking. Gotham Cafe is a short film produced by Steve Wozniak, who has a cameo. King himself has a role in the short. Riding the Bullet is a feature with a cast you might actually have heard of before, including David Arquette, Cliff Robertson, and Barbara Hershey. On Saturday, the festival moves to nearby Orono for a full day of dollar-baby films and related panels. If you're in Maine, you can't beat the price: $8 for the premiere and $5 for all-day Saturday. (On the other hand, you could probably make a dollar baby for that kind of money.) If you're not in Maine, you can view some dollar-baby films here. Will King himself be around? Probably only in spirit or onscreen.
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