MASH; Donald Sutherland; Elliot GouldWhile I never could quite warm up to the TV show, M.A.S.H. is the only comedy that consistently appears on my personal, ever-changing Ten Favorite Movies list. I would say that I at least border on obsessed, at least based on my complete confidence that I could watch it every day for a year and still adore every second. It's because of this deep and abiding affection for the film that I feel horribly ashamed that I didn't notice what's recently been pointed out at Daily Kos:  both the movie and TV Hawkeyes are on currently on television, trying to become president.

Donald Sutherland, whose cynical, brilliant Hawkeye was the center around which Altman's movie revolved, plays the ultra-conservative, ultra-ambitious Speaker of the House on Commander-in-Chief, while Republican Senator Alan Alda (the nice, TV Hawkeye) is running for president on The West Wing. I mean, what were the odds that would happen? Trivial entertainment knowledge is excellent stuff, especially when people who have it share with the rest of us.

Kos has a poll up asking which ex-MASH (either version) actor should next aim for the White House. My vote is for Major Frank Burns. No, wait - that would be terrifying and a danger to all of us. I mean Robert Duvall.
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