Big Lebowski
It is a tough week for me and for other Austin film geeks. Film festivals are overlapping each other, free preview screenings are happening practically every night, dogs and cats are living together ... Fortunately, the Paramount is offering drink specials with its movies this month to help ease us through this turbulent time of too many movie choices.

  • aGLIFF, the Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, opens tonight with a gala screening of Adam & Steve, a comedy about gay relationships written and directed by Craig Chester, a UT grad. The festival runs through Oct. 8 and includes 150 short, feature, and documentary films.
  • Meanwhile, Fantastic Fest starts on Thursday, Oct. 6 with a sneak preview of Zathura.You can buy a festival pass on the festival's site, or tickets for individual films from Alamo South Lamar.