Mike MyersWow. So, Mike Myers is going to play Keith Moon in a movie about The Who. I'm so stunned by this that I hardly know what to say. I guess it's not as out of left field as it sounds, because Roger Daltrey is one of the film's producers, and he's likely to have a pretty good grasp on who can most effectively portray the (dead) drummer. Interestingly, Daltrey and his co-producer Nigel Sinclair (Spitfire Pictures) have approached Myers before about the role, but the actor was always too busy to commit. I have to admit that I'm sincerely intrigued by the idea that these guys see Keith Moon hiding inside Mike Myers - it'll be really interesting to see how he handles the role.

Sinclair and Daltrey have been working on this project for a decade already and are clearly determined to take their time and get it right, so don't expect to see more news anytime soon. Man. I wonder who on earth they'll find to play the rest of the band. Casting suggestions, Who fans?
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