Sammi ChengAfter being photgraphed on the set of her latest film with "a puffy face," Hong Kong actress SammiCheng was suddenly rumored to...have cancer. Yes, that's right:  she looked a little puffy, and instantly the HK tabloids were in a frenzy, reporting that Cheng had been stricken with cancer and would make the news public when filming ended.

To make matters worse, Cheng explained the dreaded puffiness with conflicting stories, which apparently screamed cover-up. She told one reporter that the puffiness was due to weight gain for the role, but told others that she was suffering from parotitis, some sort of facial gland inflammation. After that, of course, she was forced to deny that she'd flown to the US for treatment of the parotitis in the middle of filming.

Can you imagine dealing with this crap? The attention paid to celebrities in HK is easily as outrageous as it is here, and it's probably much worse. I mean, when Lindsay Lohan finally eats a burger, at least no one is going to report that she has a tumor. Um, right?

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