Justin TimberlakeYou remember Alpha Dog. It's the Nick Cassavetes-directed, based-on-a-true-story, kidnapping/murder flick starring the suddenly-everywhere Justin Timberlake and Bruce Willis. You know, the one that has earned Cassavetes a subpoena from the accused killer's defense team. Well, some footage from it has popped up on a Russian website (ah, the wonders of the internet). Though the footage is labeled as a trailer, Twitch reports that the clip contains language that's not "appropriate for all audiences" and looks way too unfinished to ever be sent to theaters. Whatever it actually is, it's our first look at any footage at all, so we probably shouldn't complain.

Of course, I can't watch the damn thing, lacking as I am the JTQuicktimeplugin. So, feel free to post any impressions in the comments - does it look worth seeing?

[via Twitch]