Shouldn't there be some kind of waiting period, after an actor associated with an iconic role dies, before that role is recycled back into popular culture by a waning comedian with something to prove? Maybe there should be, but apparently there isn't: according to the Daily Telegraph, Adam Sandler is planning to take the lead role in a big-screen version of Gilligan's Island. The paper also reports that
Jennifer Hawkins, a 22 year-old former Miss Universe, is in mind for the part of Ginger. That's almost worse news to me, because I always imagined that Ginger was a little bit older, maybe a little bit washed up – that she had this core of sadness, because she knew that if she ever got off the island, she'd be too far past her prime to get any decent work. But I'm sure cores of sadness don't matter much when you're staring at Miss Universe. Regardless: there's no action on IMDB yet regarding the project, so it's all speculation at this point.

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