Where are all the Buffy nerds? Serenity, which seemed like a lock for the top spot this weekend, only managed to make $3.9 million yesterday. If you go by the theory that Friday night usually accounts for about 30% of a film's opening weekend gross, then Serenity is in line to make less than $15 million this weekend – good, for a film based on a TV show that was cancelled after just a few episodes, but hardly the phenomena that some of us were hoping for. Still, Serenity recieved mostly good reviews (it currently has a 75 on Metacritic, which includes semi-raves from Manohla Dragis and Roger Ebert), which is rare for a sci-fi/action film; it's likely that an audience outside of its built-in fanbase will find it in coming weeks. Meanwhile, right now it looks like Flightplan has escaped the wrath of the flight attendants; it made $4.5 million yesterday, which puts it in line to take the box office crown for the weekend. Check back for more box office analysis when the final estimates are in tomorrow.

1. Flightplan - $4.5 milion
2. Serenity - $3.9 milion
3. Corpse Bride - $2.8 milion
4. History of Violence - $2.5 milion
5. Into the Blue - $2.5 milion
6. Just Like Heaven - $1.9 milion
7. Exorcism of Emily Rose - $1.3 milion
8. Greatest Game Ever Played - $1.1 milion
9. Roll Bounce - $1.0 milion
10. 40 Year Old Virgin - $.9 milion
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