• Sharon Waxman reports from the set of Paul Weitz' latest, American Dreamz, a Bush administration satire starring Dennis Quaid and Marcia Gay Harden. As usual, Waxy's "expose" isn't exactly as earthshattering as it seems to think it is, but there's some interesting political stuff here, particularly if you can make it to the third page. Also: details on Hugh Grant's midlife crisis.
  • A feature on the rise of the Slavic gitterati in New York City has a blurb on (but, sadly, no quote from) Eugene Hutz, star of Everything is Illuminated and Gogol Bordello.
  • Fiona Ng profiles the Beijing Film Academy, the largest school of its kind in Asia, and alma mater of Zhang Yimou and Jia Zhangke.
  • Noel Lawrence, one of the driving forces behind San Francisco's Other Cinema, is going around trying to ressurect the lost work of a guy named J.X Williams, an "RKO mail-room flunky, closet Communist, abortive House Un-American Activities Committee witness, Mafia gofer, pioneer of mobbed-up stag loops, ghostwriter of some of the blacklist era's greatest films and incidental avatar of experimental cinema." The only problem is, some people are having a hard time believing that Williams ever existed.
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