Disappointingly, Randolph Guthrie is not the kind of pirate who has a peg-leg and a parrot. Instead, he's the boring tech kind who does stuff like copy DVDs and sell them illegally, the sort of behavior that makes governments really, really angry. Guthrie and his associate Abram Thrush happened to be committing their particular piracy in Shanghai, a base from which they sold counterfeit DVDs over the internet. Why Guthrie, a New Yorker, would feel the need to go to China to be a criminal is very unclear, but after serving about five months of his two-and-a-half year prison sentence, he was handed over to US police last week and has been deported.

Apart from Guthrie's lack of proper pirate attire, the most worrying aspect of this news is that Thrush, who was convicted only as an accessory and was sentenced to a year in jail, is nowhere to be found. I assume he's still in prison, but why is the ringleader out and going home? Should we be worried about Thrush? Damn that Richard Gere and his Red Corner paranoia!
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