In this new Cinematical feature, we'll take a look at recent posts from some of our favorite film blogs. Want us to add your site to our feed readers? Send us your link.

  • Spurred on by the announcement that Mike Myers is about to star in a new Who movie, Theresa Duncan tells the story of the night Keith Moon, "covered in frosting, drove a Lincoln Continental convertible into the swimming pool" at a Michigan Holiday Inn.
  • "Garden State for Ukraine isn't too far from the mark, but at least Mr. Braffmouth managed to provide a fairly decent sense of Jersey. Liev's Ukraine, aside from polka and toothless construction workers might as well be Nebraska. Actually, even with them..." The boys at Reverse Shot get reliably riled by Everything is Illuminated.
  • David Lowery is "hopelessly attracted to pretty girls with mental problems."
  • Check out Flickhead's latest soundtrack obsession: Fellini's Juliet of the Spirits (above).
  • David Hudson aggregates reviews on "the film of the moment", Serenity.