Tom HanksQuite understandably, the arrival of the massive The DaVinci Code film crew in tiny Roslin, Scotland has sent the town into something of a frenzy. Since the most famous creature previously in residence was Dolly the Sheep, autograph hunters, star-watchers, and bored kids are going wild with excitement, and the set is constantly surrounded by on-lookers. (Though since they're looking-on at nothing but security, the description might in fact be a little generous.)

Nick Thorpe of the London Times spent a few days with the frenzied fans, and his article (linked below) is a great, non-judgemental look at both the insanity of fandom and the outrageousness of Hollywood. I don't want to spoil it entirely for you, but here's a tidbit: some of the fans end up in Ron Howard's movie! Now, aren't you sorry you didn't go?