Joss WhedonIf you're one of those fans who just can't get enough Joss Whedon (or even if you're just someone who enjoys reading a really well-done, in-depth interview), you might want to check out this complete, 9,500 word transcription of a 67 minute interview with Whedon over at CulturePulp: Writings and Comics by M.E. Russell.

In the interview, Whedon waxes eloquent about the socio-political systems he created for Firefly and Serenity; what's up with the old-time Western dialogue; how explosions, guns, and lots of chasing make for a more interesting political film than a bunch of guys standing around debating; and, most importantly, why the spaceship in Serenity has a toilet. It's a nice, conversational interview that almost makes you feel like you're sitting down chatting with Whedon over a couple of lattes.

[via Movie City Indie]

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