Keira Knightley in Domino

It feels like a minor miracle that I made it to the premiere and party of Dominoin Austin last night. I feel like the Fates were against me. Or perhaps it was the spirit of the late Domino Harvey, the subject of the movie, trying to keep me away.

First of all, I am embarassed to confess, I went to the wrong theater. I kept seeing the ad for the Domino event on the Alamo Downtown site, and for some reason never noticed that it was at Alamo on South Lamar. Fortunately, the theaters are maybe 10 minutes apart, but the shame! Oh, the shame.

And I suffered in consequence, because when I arrived at the correct theater, I was near the end of the long, slow line. Everyone had to be checked against a list and then went through a metal detector. This was my first screening with a metal detector; it felt so airport-ish that I expected someone to give me a little bag of peanuts afterwards. Women also had their purses searched for recording devices. I left my phone in my car even though it doesn't take photos, just to avoid potential problems.