Donald Sutherland, who will be seen onscreen later this year in the new Pride and Prejudice, gave an emotional interview to the BBC recently, in which he slammed the Bush Administration's foreign policy and response to Hurricane Katrina. Said to have been "choking back tears", Sutherland labelled the federal government's post-Hurricane efforts as "inept" and "inadequate to the task". The media also incurred the star's wrath: as for NBC's decision to edit Kanye West's "Bush doesn't care about Black people" bit out of the West Coast feed of their Katrina telecast, Sutherland proclaims, "We're back to burning books in Germany." Sutherland then apparently burst into tears and cried, "We've stolen our children's future...It's shameful." Oh, by the way - Donnie has a new series on ABC called Commander in Chief, in which he plays a borderline-evil Speaker of the House – the kind of guy that would probably make fun of a movie star brought to tears by political frustration.
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