Kevin Smith; Jason MewesThough just a month ago he was happily discussing who would star in the film, Kevin Smith is officially no longer associated with Fletch Won. According to producer David List, the reason for the (amicable, everyone swears) departure was obvious:  "His type of comedy just isn't Fletch...It's not that Kevin isn't talented or funny. It's just that his comedic style, ultimately, proved not  translate well for Fletch." [sic] Um, ok. So, David, tell us:  what is Smith's type of comedy? And what is Fletch's, exactly? I mean, I'm not even a Smith fan, and even I think this is completely insane - it's one thing to dismiss someone for a stupid reason, but to think it's such a great one that you go public with it is really pushing the limits of rationality, even for Hollywood.
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