Guy Ritchie's Revolver has attracted universally bad reviews. Critics aren't just disappointed to Ritchie's follow-up to Swept Away – a disaster which many generously wrote off as Ritchie's wedding present to Madonna – they're getting outright violent. One British reviewer called it, "so incredibly, absurdly, breathtakingly awful, I wanted to buy a revolver so I could shoot the projectionist before turning the gun on myself." So how, then, did the marketing department manage to dredge up a pullquote for the poster? According to James Silver, they manufactured it. "Brilliant ... Guy Ritchie back to his best!" is actually the product of two seperate quotes, both published online: the "Brilliant" part came from a 3 AM Girls "interview" with a model who appears in the film, and the rest is from a promo piece put together by a PR film hired to promote it. Silver tracks the whole process in The Guardian. Interestingly, Revolver came in at number two at the British box office this weekend.
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