Charles Band

Charles Band is the most prolific filmmaker you've never heard of. In his three decades in the movie business, the 53-year-old Angeleno has been involved in the production of over 250 films. To a person weaned solely on cookie cutter googolplex fodder, his filmography will at first glance read like some sort of jape, stocked with B-schlock titles like Galactic Gigolo, Sorority Girls In The Slime Bowl-O-Rama and Creepozoids. Look a little bit closer, though, and you'll find his name attached to guilty pleasures like From Beyond, Trancers and the cable TV staple, Ghoulies.

The son of late veteran filmmaker Albert Band and the brother of composer Richard Band, Charles Band has built an empire, quite literally. In 1983, Band started Empire Pictures, a low-budget studio based in Italy, which he sold in 1988, necessitated by the collapse of the lira. Then, however, Band regrouped to form the entity that is most closely associated with him today -- Full Moon Pictures. The direct-to-video (DTV) production house provided horror fans with a steady supply of product, which the major studios were either unwilling or unable to provide. Titles like Puppet Master, Dollman and the aforementioned [Empire-produced] Trancers provided fertile seed for perpetual sequelization, keeping the company running past the dawn of DVD in 1997 and through the present.

Band launched Wizard Entertainment earlier this year, and announced plans to personally direct six films for it annually, including the 35mm feature H.G. Wells sequel, Dr. Moreau's House Of Pain. To promote his efforts, he is going all Kerou-wacky starting October 5 with Charles Band's Full Moon Horror Road Show, an interactive fan experience that will touch down in 18 cities and end with a big Halloween show in Philadelphia. With another 60 dates already planned for next year, Band says of the road(show) ahead, "I'll learn geography quite well."

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