Cary Grant; Katherine Hepburn; Philadelphia StoryWho knew? It turns out that when Breyer was at Harvard Law School he, like the other law students, was allowed to take a single course at Harvard College. And what, out of the myriad of surely fascinating options, did he pick? A film course, and not just any film course - this one was taught by Stanley freaking Cavell. Suddenly I'm liking Breyer a little bit. When asked to name his favorite film, he resisted and instead threw out a bunch of titles. Among them were The Awful Truth (now I like him more than a little), Lolita, Children of Paradise (Children of Paradise? That does it, I'm in love.), Grand Illusion, and The Philadelphia Story. Wow, huh?

We also learned in the recent hearings that John Roberts' film favorites are Doctor Zhivago and North by Northwest, another pretty impressive set. Have any other justices spoken about their cinematic tastes? And do they all like Cary Grant? I'm starting to think it's a secret (and very reasonable) requirement for nomination.
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