Gulshan GroverAt least according to the Times of India, we do. The newspaper reported yesterday that Bollywood star Gulshan Grover has been hired to play Casino Royale's villian. Though rumors of his involvement in some capacity have been circulating since March, Grover himself just gave the Times the official news of his casting, saying he just recently returned from meetings with the film's producers. So unless he's an inveterate liar (there are none of those in Hollywood, so I can't fathom that he'd mislead the press), there's at least some chance the story is true.

The hire continues the recent trend-let of Bond films including overseastalent in major roles, which has been refreshing. Plus, I'm sure foreign stars don't hurt the international box office at all, either. (And how great a Bond would Chow Yun-Fat be? Oh drat, he's too old.) Grover told the Times that he's off to Prague on the first of the year to shoot his scenes, so here's hoping we have a damn Bond by then.

[via Monsters and Critics]
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