More details have floated down to us from O.J. Simpson's bizarre appearance at Los Angeles horror convention Necrocomicon this weekend. The Juice apparently showed up on both Friday and Sunday, and signed shirts, hats and footballs at a table set up next to "a promotional display for a splatter movie, a haunted house and such decorations as severed heads and limbs." When asked if he was being paid to attend the convention, O.J. responded, "I'm not doing it for my health." Again, we're a little unsure as to why Simpson was invited to the horror festival; a cursory glance at his acting resume shows it to be pretty deficient in the horror film arena. Oh, did I mention that today is the ten-year anniversary of O.J.'s acquittal on murder charges? Yeah, I'm sure that has nothing to do with anything – although Simpson was expected to be joined at the autograph table on Sunday by Al Cowlings, the man who drove the infamous white Bronco in which Simpson tried to flee from justice. No, I'm serious. That's not even a joke.
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