Sarah PolleyI often feel like I'm one of about six people who saw Terry Gilliam'sThe Adventures of Baron Munchausen when it came out, though I know that's not quite true. I remember thinking it was funny and weird and also quite terrifying (When that Death statue came to life?! Oh my good Lord), but it never occurred to me to wonder what it was like for the little girl who played Sally, the film's main character.

That little girl, shockingly enough, was Sarah Polley, who is now 26 freaking years old and doing quite well for herself, thanks. She also, however, has some painful, very complex memories of her time making Munchausen. Though she'd never shared any of them with Gilliam, when she heard that his Tideland would star a girl the same age she had been when she played Sally, she was moved to get in touch with him. Her exchange with the director (linked below) recently appeared in The Toronto Star and is pretty incredible:  educational, thoughtful, and truly, unexpectedly moving.

[via MeFi]
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