Thelma & LouiseFor whatever reason (hatred, disinterest, fear, money), international tourism to the US has never rebounded to pre-9/11 levels. This year, for the first time, the federal government is spending money to change things. While that fact is notable in and of itself, what's really fascinating is how they're doing it:  the campaign will feature images from popular Hollywood films (among them Thelma & Louise, Chicago, and Maid in Manhattan), accompanied by the lines "You've seen the film. Now visit the location." And this is no tentative roll-out, either - the government will spend $10 million next year to fill the UK and Japan with the ads.

It's interesting that a government so dedicated to "family values" would pay for a campaign that uses films encouraging stuff like husband-threatening, criminal behavior, rampant sex outside of marriage, and hiring Jennifer Lopez to advertise the US. Thoughts? Does the content of the films matter, or just the images? And does the campaign have any chance of succeeding?
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