Emma Thompson; Nanny McPheeActually, Thompson apparently couldn't find anything quite good enough so she wrote this one herself:  Nanny McPhee. Haven't heard of it? Me either, but the trailer makes it looks sort of like this:  Nanny McPhee = Mary Poppins + bad child actors + a really big tooth - the singing. Perhaps surprisingly for those of you not fans of the singing, this does not seem to be a good thing. At all. It's got fart humor and globs of goo and an evil aunt - and even Colin Firth and Kelly Macdonald aren't enough to save the trailer. I hope they can do more for the movie itself, but it seems painfully unlikely.

Thompson based her screenplay on a series of books about one "Nurse Matilda," which seems an odd source for something called Nanny McPhee. I've never heard of them, but think I might be safe in assuming they're a) children's books, and b) British. Can any of our UK readers offer encouragement about the movie based on said books? Or at least clarify the name confusion? Please?

[via A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago]